Saturday, 26 January 2013

Elévation (elevation)

Term used among others on technical drawings. An élévation "looks" at something, as opposed to a coupe (section or cross section) which concentrates on what one sees when one cuts through an object or a building. A plan could be defined as a section in the horizontal plane.
In the picture two elevations of Romanesque houses in Cluny; the buildings 23-25 Rue de la République and 1-3 Rue de la Chanaise.
A definition closer to roman (Romanesque) architecture is that of the élévation of a travée (bay) in the nef (nave) of a church, or the élévation of a travée at the outside of a church.
On the second picture an élévation of a travée inside the Saint-Lazare in Autun.


Saint-Lazare - Autun


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