Friday, 11 January 2013

Transept (transept)

A transept is a nef transversale (transverse nave), perpendicular to the nef centrale (central nave).
It gives a church its characteristic shape of a Latin cross.
A transept consists of three parts; the overlapping part of nef (nave) and transept is called croisée (crossing) and the two parts of the transept north and south of the crossing are called the croisillons (transept arms) or bras du transept.
The clocher (bell tower) is often located above the croisée.
Generally speaking the transept separates the nave from the chœur (koor).
In plan (Wikipedia) the transept is indicated in grey.
For all parts of the transept described above see also all other entries related to transept.

Transept - Wikipedia

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